Get Involved

Dave’s campaign for the Vermont Senate is about bringing people together, to take on the tough issues that we face as Vermonters.  Dave needs your help to return to Montpelier to make sure we find solutions that meet our needs and stand by our values as a state.  Please consider one of the following ways to be involved between now and the general election on Tues. Nov. 6th, 2012.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Do you support Dave?  Do you have a story to tell about why or one about how Dave’s legislative work impacted your life?  Please consider writing a quick letter to your local paper.  Remember to encourage people to vote for Dave in the Democratic Primary on Tues. August 28th and in the general on Tues. Nov. 6th!

Burlington Free Press: E-mail your letters and My Turns to

Seven Days letter submission form.

Williston Observer: please e-mail:

Don’t forget to email us a copy too!  We would love to share your letter on the website & on Dave’s social media: email Meg!

Post a Lawn Sign

Do you live in a high traffic area?  Put your lawn to good use for the campaign and request a lawn sign from the campaign!  Simply email Meg to coordinate.

Host Dave!

The biggest way to inspire people to turn out and vote, is to have them meet and talk to Dave.  Could you invited Dave to your house to meet 10-20 of your neighbors?  Or host him at your community event? Email Meg to coordinate.


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